Giving in our new normal

Welcome to our new normal. Church life sure has been looking different lately, hasn't it? While I think we would all agree we are looking forward to being able to meet once again, it would appear that we could be still weeks away from that happening.

I have been working hard to make the necessary adjustments to continue to stay connected and produce content that will encourage and strengthen you as we walk through this season. It's been a stretching time for all of's not a familiar or easy task to speak into a camera and attempt to communicate to hearts and minds. I'm committing to you and to the process required to grow and become increasingly more effective with it.

The good news is this has broadened our sphere of influence and reach. Visits to our website are up and our church app has seen almost a 40% increase in downloads since the middle of March. Our live-stream viewership grows every week so we are excited, as we see even in the midst of difficulty and inconvenience, if we are willing to make the necessary changes God is bringing increase.

Now more than ever your giving plays an important role in spreading the gospel and good news of the Kingdom of God. I understand it's easy to forget to give or just simply you don't know how at this time.

In the first instance, it is vital you understand giving is a heart issue. We give because we remember it is God who is our provider and protector. We give because we are commanded to bring our tithes and offerings into the storehouse but not only that, giving is an expression of our thanksgiving and acknowledgment that all good things come from above. We're honouring God in our giving.

To help you in your giving we have a few options. You can give electronically through our website and in our app. It is safe and secure and the most convenient option. All you need is either a visa debit card or credit card. Unfortunately, the ability to set up direct payments from your bank account is available only in the US and not in Canada. The second option is to come to the church office during the week and use the debit machine. Please call ahead to ensure someone is in the office. Between others and myself, someone is in most days but because of the pandemic, hours vary from day to day.

To further assist your ability to give, starting tomorrow, I will be opening the church every Tuesday from 6 pm to 7:30 pm enabling you to come and use the debit machine or simply drop off your tithes and offerings. While we continue to respect the instructions of our local and federal governments, this time can be used to connect in person and even pray together while maintaining the physical distancing required.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this through to the end. Please know that I am praying for you and believing for God's provision, protection, and prosperity to be upon you and your family.

Continue to pray for our expanding reach through the content we create on our social media, website, live-stream and church app.

These are interesting and exciting times to be alive!

P Craig

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